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01 September 2011



This make me absolutely sick to my stomach, and why I personally have no faith whatsoever in the "justice" system. This animal should be put away for life, no questions.


A mistrial would be a GROSS Miscarriage of Justice! Anything other than a guilty verdict would be SHAMEFUL!!


What's to deliberate, It's premeditated murder plain and simple.


The only system worse than the jury system is all the rest. Damnit!


This is really sad. A child's life is gone, and he gets no justice. He has been vilified in the court room, and made to look like this was his punishment for defying gender conformance.

Things like this have a way of working out.

Byron Monte

No DFS, the jury system is rotten to it's core. It's a total joke. It's populist. You need a judge who has studied the law for years..who can come to a verdict based on the letter of the law. Not "average" people who get influenced by BS sentiments. Call me elitist if you want, I don't care. You need smart and educated people to run a company, a country..or come to a verdict. Not this joke of a juror system.

Nathan James

How much premeditation, and how many eyewitnesses, must there be before a jury calls the execution-style shooting of a gay person of color "Murder"?

Kevin P.

How long will it be before another scumbag attempts to shoot a LGBT of color and we see this disastrous event repeat itself. Black, Latino and other communities of color who are the GHEY seem to have little value to larger society.

I sh!t you not, it's ALWAYS scary to think you can find yourself in a situation where you wound up dead and SOCIETY would have no remorse, no compassion, or empathy for your death. THAT'S my greatest fear, especially since my safety is one of the reasons why I'm in the closet.


Sad, but not shocking. I had a feeling this was going to happen.

Chitown Kev

Leaving the racial dynamics aside (if McInerney were black, I have no doubt that this jury would have voted to convict on first degree murder, regardless of the ethnicity of the victim)

Do y'all think that the prosecution should have gone for a full blown trial as a juvenile, in hindsight?

(FTR, I don't exactly have an opinion on this other than the fact that prosecutors and the general would not even debate as to whether a black kid should be tried as an adult...I'm thinking of that black teen in Florida years ago that murdered someone over a playstation...he was the same age as McInerney, I believe)


@Byron "You need a judge who has studied the law for years..who can come to a verdict based on the letter of the law"

because of course judge's aren't subject to biases and undue influences. Ive studied comparative law and stand by my statement.

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