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02 September 2011


Derrick from Philly

Black and Gay: as others have said, in this case the victim was seen as worthless.

Had McInerney been Black and had Lawrence King been Straight and White--McInerney would have been found guilty as an adult and sentenced to prison. He would have been seen as one more savage who killed an innocent White male.

Had Lawrence King been White but still Gay...well, a Black McInerney would have still gone to jail, but he would have been seen as one more savage who killed a NOT so innocent White male.

In America if you are not a White heterosexual male your life is of less value, and our President will tell you that...sometime after 2016.


@ Derrick

Unfortunately you're tellin' 1000% truth.

The outcome of this case is just so disgusting and unacceptable. This evil piece of work deserves life in prison.


I agree with you, Derrick. Except that if Lawrence had been a white girl with blond hair and McInerney had been a black guy, he would be getting ready for the electric chair. Nancy Grace would be there with round the clock coverage.

Will America ever change?

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