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16 September 2011


Chitown kev

Those that want to question the wisdom of trying 14-year olds as an adult...I don't mind that..

But these hos here looking like the Decrepit Housewives of Orange County know damn well that if McInerney were black or Latino, they would have wanted to send him to the electric chair. They wouldn't have been feeling sorry and goin' all "he's just a confused boy" type of shit.

These bit*hes need to keep their damn mouth closed.


A new trial would be a "tragedy?" Watching this video made me think I was watching a commercial for a new TV show, "The Real Housewives of Crazytown."


I would love to hear how "understanding" these women would be about the fact that this monster was "only 14" if this was their son that was murdered. And I know it's been said here before, but I couldn't help but think how, if this were a black 14 yo, this would have been decided quickly and the kid would be behind bars for life. Just absolutely sickening.

Nathan James

Dear Ms. McElhaney,

How many witnesses does it take, and how much evidence of cold-blooded premeditation is required, before you say by your verdict, that McInerney's acts were MURDER?


The Real World Out Here

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