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02 September 2011


Kevin P.

How does one sexualize history in the first place? I'm going to continue to refer to these types of folks as charlatans. Do they think our lives revolve around just only kinky anal sex? Of course not, that's them projecting their twisted perceptions into reality.

I'm beyond getting sick and tired of playing nice and trying to find "common ground" with these charlatans. My livelihood, my existence, and my rights should not be determined by religious groups, conservative or liberal, or their beliefs. This country has got to strike harder against this type of crap.

Yes, Mr. Thompson, you're a bigot. You may not condemn violence or outright malicious behavior towards us, but your a bigot nevertheless. Using polite language and showing courtesy and civility really doesn't man a damn thing. Why is that in these types of situations there aren't any Black Gay men or other LGBT colors or so-called "Church queens" in these religious institutions that just outright stand up, assert themselves and let them know that they will no longer continue to tolerate the disrespect, the animosity, the blame, and shame they continue to pour on them every freaking Sunday and, in a neatly fashion, all MARCH out of church leaving them with no choir to sing? Or at least them know that when they scrutinizing them, they're scrutinizing people WITHIN their own communities. To be gay and a minority is to be a different entity all together.

Am I deluded? Am I too much of optimist? Am I am expecting unrealistic expectations. This the Prop 8 drama all over again.

Derrick from Philly

"...we cannot sexualize history"

Who taught him that phrase? He didn't think it up on his own.


its the usual strawman. no one wants to have children taught the sexual intamacies of Cesar Chavez, and of course thats not what this law is about at all. But the media will assist and raise this strawman and the haters will win in november at the ballot box. its simply shameful.

Kevin P.

3 comments? LOLz! Should it come as a surprise by now? What if these were about a celebrity?


This is so messed up. What's worse is that they probably have a real of chance of getting the law repealed if they get enough signatures. SMH.


WOW!! Cannot sexualize history? Really? The VIRGIN Mary, Mary Magdalene, a former prostitute, the woman who was about to be stoned for adultery, etc., etc. yeah, sexuality IS a part of our history as the hate these liars are trying to hide. The ignorant hispanic who mentioned MLK & Chavez forgot that MLK had Bayard Rusitn for a right hand man, but history has shown that homophobes tried to write that out of the books (so I guess he wouldn't know that,either).

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