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03 October 2011



OK, Mr. Cain its time for you to be schooled on this issue. I for one think its a shame that a man running for the presidency of The United States of America needs to be schooled on this. But Whoops! There it is. Here we go. Are ya listening? 'Cause you need to listen real good now so you won't need to be re-educated on this. Booing the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell IS THE SAME THING as booing not only the particular serviceman who posed the question during the debate, it is tantamount to booing EVERY SINGLE LGBT SERVICEMAN AND WOMAN who is currently serving in The United States armed services.

Class dismissed and YOU'RE WELCOME!

jdc cole

Felipe Luciano says it best... "There is a move a foot. Its being lead by Afro-Saxons and Coconuts"

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