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05 October 2011


Derrick from Philly

"In a series of post-trial interviews, a number of jurors took issue with the adult charges. None were convinced it was a hate crime"{

Yes, and if the races of the boys were reversed those jurors would have been convinced McInerney was guilty of a hate crime, a crime against humanity and a crime against Western civilization.

Aren't those jurors the descendents of the folks John Steinbeck wrote about in "The Grapes of Wrath"? It isn't surprising then. (Forgive me--I'm being a classist...or elitist...or just plain vengeful.)


RE: Derrick from Philly. No you just want justice. And America has gotten so far away from justice. Our nation (USA) rations out scoldings for people (rather youth or adult) based on things surrounding the facts they hear in court. Always bias and based on themselves and feelings and not the facts. And the biggest fact is that we are indeed a nation full of racists, classists, elitist, etc.

I don't know what to think about the case HWR I do know that no child should be shot to death in a classroom full of other kids as no kid should bring a gun to class to shoot another kids to death. Two-sdes!

Bradley Suber

WOW Justice has already been served. God has the last say. It is quite obvious that it was a hate crime. It was planned and it was obvious that it was a hate crime. How dare they portray King as sexually aggressive just by expressing who he was? God don't like ugly. Justice will be served.

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