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07 October 2011



This jury was an anomaly. Next time I know they won't have the juror pool consist of patients from the nearest psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.

Chitown Kev

Like I said, the furthest I can go is that maybe noone McInerney's age should be tried as an adult.

Having said that, these jurors need to stay off the TV. they're disgusting...esp. with the "save Brandon bracelets"

And these people are proud, i tell you, of their ignorance, homobigotry, and racism.

willa taylor

Wonder if they would see McInerney as a "victim" if he wasn't white.

Nathan James

So, now being openly gay at achool constitutes "inappropriate behavior" that justifies a cold-blooded, execution-style murder???


DISGUSTING! Unless Lawrence did something to cause physical harm to Brandon, there is simply NO excuse! This young man killed his classmate point blank range and there are witnesses! IT IS MURDER! IT IS MURDER! I'll say it til I'm blue in the face! IT IS MURDER!!

Lawrence King wasn't a punk! He wasn't intimidated and didn't walk around hiding himself in shame. This was too much for Brandon to take and he reacted in the the MOST COWARDLY way he could. Yes, he is young and maybe didn't have the maturity to think things through. However, I life was TAKEN needlessly and he must answer to that.

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