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27 October 2011


Duane Cramer

This happening in Nairobi is really upsetting news. However, it is expected. Kenya is on the forefront of making positive moves to include LGBT in HIV/AIDS strategies and for that the government is to be applauded. I'm a firm believer in love is stronger than hate .. so things can only get better. Upon my travels in Kenya a few years back I was astonished by the incredible beauty of the land and people. I will return to do more HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, activist and artistic works.


Derrick from Philly

Obviously, we have to side with the Kenyan government on this one. I hope they defeat the Muslim extremist in Somalia. At the same time I hope for further advancements in civil rights for Gay Kenyans. We all do.

Also, I'm trilled that Mr Duane Cramer is a follower of Rod's Blog. As a successful openly Gay man, Mr Cramer is a source of pride for many many Black Gay folks-- for Gay folks in general.

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