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07 October 2011



It seems like both Mr. Cain and Lawrence O'Donnell got their panties in a twist during this interview. I do like how Cain absolutely refused to let Lawrence O'Donnell, whom I like, frame the discussion in ways that didn't reflect how he (Cain) viewed things. I appreciate when anyone doesn't play that particular game that many media pundits play regardless of political leanings. That being said, I'd rather have my eyeballs slowly extracted with hot pokers than see Cain as president of this country.


This interview is a brilliant piece of journalism by O'Donnell and a very telling depiction of who Herman Cain is as a person. I do not criticize his personal choices and opinions; we all get to have them. I can say, however, that a person that chooses a "go along to get along" path in their life while racism and oppression is all around is not fit to lead this great country.

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