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10 November 2011



This is very good news. International pressure is having an impact on Uganda's savage homophobia.


this is good news..


Good news indeed. And I doubt if Kato could demand sex and even if he did that Nsubuga could not refuse and leave. Ever since the American evangelicals have infected African countries like Uganada with the same lies they use in the U.S. the homophobia has gotten much worse.And Ugandan pastors like Martin Ssempa have infected their people with their lies and distortions. For example Ssempa showed a gay porno film which showed scenes of scat and he implied that gay men eat "the poo poo" to use his words.It all originates with the homophobia brought to African countries like Uganada from the Colonials. One Ugandan protester said Colonials did not bring homosexuality. They brought homophobia. Disgusting.


I have mixed feelings about this. Sorry, but I trust the Ugandan government as far as I can sling a piano. Bravo; if the authorities truly did investigate David Kato's murder thoroughly and honestly before parading this "confessed murderer" in public, then good, Nsubuga gets what he deserves. I sincerely hope he is the killer and some scapegoat picked at random and forced to confess to a crime he did not commit to satisfy the international community because he is going to do some very hard time.

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