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26 November 2011



Rule #1 of non-violent/responsible speech: We do not get to tell anyone who is a member of any group we are *not* a member of what any member of said group should or should not find offensive. This is a non-negotiable rule. It applies to everyone.

I am not a rap artist. So, I do not get to tell any rap artist what he or she should or should not find offensive within the realm of rap artistry. Likewise, no rap artist who is not also same gender loving gets to tell me what I should or should not find offensive as a same gender loving person. End of discussion. Next discussion PLEASE!


oh yeah. I loooove laughing at a joke about a gay child threatened with violence in his home for simply being gay.

Poor Tracy Morgan for getting criticism for making such a joke. Someone should hold a benefit concert in his honor. Forget about the gay children who are the real victims in their own homes.


"If you can take a dick, you can take a joke." - Is T.I. speaking from personal experience?


In the same way that black people can be too sensitive about racism.


I cant believe this moron would utter such nonsence. Thats like saying African Americans are tooo sensitive when another race calls them a n*gger or tar baby. He is ignorant and everytime he speaks he lets everyone know why the public school system failed him.


Damn! I haven't commented on here in ages, but I am still an everyday reader of your blog Rod.

I'll say this much about lip-gloss wearing T.I. Somebody needs to ask him how many times did he get on his knees to suck a penis or bend over to take one up the behind while he was incarcerated. He must have loved it so much after his first stint that he went back for seconds. And in his response, he can't get over-sensitive about the question.

I guess we are supposed to take advice from a jailbird who can't simply smoke his drugs in the privacy of his home instead of driving around in a vehicle for any cop to pull his stupid ass over. How dumb is that? Idiot.


First of all, Vibe should be ashamed of how airbrushed he is on the front. He doesn't even look human. Second, T.I., you and many others need to learn about the first amendment. You are free to say what you want just as others are free to boycott and criticize you for what you say.

Rev. Gerard Williams

From whence comes the affirmation that a convicted rap artist's opinion of an oppressed class warrants publication? TI should focus on what ever needs to keep him on this side of freedom and leave the public commentary to those more equipped.

Kevin Perez

T.I. is the least butch of these over hyper-masculine Rap stars. That is all I will say.

Distant Lover

Are we seriously going to take commentary from someone like T.I.? Rappers like Warren G and T.I. do not warrant any consideration because their material shows that they are not on any deep level whatsoever and seeing that Mr. Harris just got out of prison, he's probably taken a lot of "jokes" in every orifice of his body. Instead of saying something inflammatory displaying the sort of homophobic stupidity that marginal rap "artists" use to sell their mediocre product, why doesn't he just get in the studio and attempt to record something that displays the depth and understanding that comes a man who has learned a lesson from the monumentally stupid actions that cost him his freedom. If this sort of BS came from Common, Mos Def, Chuck D or KRS-ONE, then I would be shocked. But from a non-descript wannabe thug, pretty boy like T.I., Please! He is not worth the ink or the aggravation!


Who cares what this clown, who has repeatedly proven he has the inability to exercise proper judgement in HIS OWN life, has to say? He's too stupid to differentiate between "free speech" and "consequence-free speech."

And seriously, if he thinks that Tracy Morgan line is the "funniest joke" he ever heard him say, he doesn't even posses a decent sense of humor.

T.I., *you* are the joke.

alicia banks

i wonder if this thug fool thinks blacks are too sensitive about race/prison etc???




Really TI? And if you are a racist, you should have the right to be so in peace? Right?

Dude, you might win some but you just lost one.

alicia banks


sandra rose is a rabid homohater/gaybasher


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