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20 November 2011


Honut Sinti


Mel Smith



yet not surprising in the least


Not surprising that my state continues to embarrass itself, time after time.


Is anyone that surprised? A bunch of trailer trash getting together spending there government checks (which they claim they hate so much) and showing how classless they are. No matter what your political leaning is, that type of behavior to the first lady is not called for. I was never a bush fan, actually couldnt stand him but dont think Mrs. Bush deserved to be booed when she walks in a room. Good ol america for ya! Gotta luv it


Disgusting behavior and clearly an immense lack of home training.
Shame on them!


What a SHAMEFUL DISPLAY! Surprising? Not at ALL! But it still pisses me off!

*makes another contribution to the Obama campaign*


@Quest: While I am as appalled as you by the rudeness shown to the wife of our president, it is unfair of you to preemptively judge the Nascar fans as trailer trash.

And this may sound chauvinistic of me, but I sincerely hope that their mother's did not teach them to behave that way in front of a lady, and certainly not a respectable lady like Mrs. Obama.

Kevin M

What's most disgusting about this is the fact that they were introduced along with the third grand marshall of this event who is veteran now blind in one eye, deaf and with a shattered leg as a result of injuries sustained in one of the pointless Middle East wars that our previous President initiated. So, within the context of booing Mrs. Obama or Dr. Biden, they also blatantly disrespected on the very people that this mostly Republican population claims to revere. Sickening!

alicia banks

what took so long???


when will hobama finally be booed too???


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