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12 December 2011


Kevin Perez

What's the expression about settling for crumbs and mediocrity again as someone mentioned before?

They can out "speak out" against homophobia but suddenly it's an issue to advocate for LGBT rights and the issues that affect said community. It's "not the job" of these institutions anything about despite much of the stigma come from said institutions and their followers. Sorry but I don't see anything progressive here and anything that's commendable. Just more mediocrity from people who "tolerate us" and self-proclaimed progressives.

I'm not Black but I honestly do not care if this is "culturally" insensitive". I'm fed with my livelihood being tied to what people think, what people believe, what the Bible says and never ending continuation of implementing Judo-Christian thought when we need laws, not people's good graces and "tolerance" to shield and protect us.

When you consider that youth in Latino and Black communities still deal with a enormous amount of scrutinization, violence, homelessness, and hostility in urban areas, it's amazing to see straight folks of these respective groups screech to heavens like banshees how we live in a society that has nothing but contempt for urban youth of color....How their lives are taken for granted and nobody cares for them yet many of them share that very same contempt and animosity for LGBTs of their own groups. And we're suppose to be "communities"?

This goes beyond hypocrisy and denial. It's pathology that will not being going away anytime soon. The self-loathing people who attend Reverend James church are as much as threat to LGBT folks as much as religious fundamentalism is. These types of folks have no issue with being token LGBT "friends" to wolves in sheep's clothing who believe our issues can be resolved with self-absorbed magic spells and patronizing smiles and "Jesus loves you"


The basic tenants of this conversation that are always disconcerting to me is the reference to BEING gay as a Sin. We have continued to try to open the conversation about orientation to get people to see that BEING gay is about who a person is not who they are having sex with, such that being gay isn't about the act of sex with another person of the same sex. That would suggest that it "wears off" if you aren't doing it. We BE gay, at work, at home, in relationships and single, at church and in the clubs. We ARE gay and the church continues to whisper about homosexuality like it's a bad thing and continues to try to reduce it to something that needs to be hidden. Many gays don't deal with their sexuality at church because, GUESS WHAT, they are coming to church to have their souls fed, receive a word that will help them get through the week and some encouragement that will empower them to live their best lives. That's why EVERYONE goes to church. The conflict becomes when you GO TO CHURCH FOR PURELY SPIRITUAL REASONS AND ARE THROWN UNDER THE BUS IN A SERMON THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO LIFT YOU UP!

It's enough of whispering to "the gays" to stay and be silent. It is NOT the gay community that got loud and vocal in the church. The choir director, the pianist, the church secretary, the youth pastor, the young adults and seasoned seniors who were in the church living their lives and giving their best were STUNNED when HATE STARTING LEAPING FROM THE LIPS OF THEIR PASTORS, who had indeed been loving and encouraging UNTIL THEY GOT IN BED WITH THE GOP FOR SOME FAITH-BASED INITIATIVE MONEY!!!

I can tell you from EXPERIENCE that I know what it's like to be in the Household of Faith, where you grew up and were shaped and formed and supported and to have a new minister come in one day and blindside you with a baseball bat. That's not GOD. That's politics and I know the difference.

I will be a gay man until I die, but I promise you...I have NO INTENTIONS OF BEING A PUNK!

As a pastor, preacher and community activist, I know the conversations that some of these pastors have behind the scenes, some they have WITH ME because they didn't know who I was when they saw me preach someone and it wasn't about being gay (SURPRISE), but a sermon that blessed the people who came for a word! The level of trickery and deceit in the politics of church (NOT IN CHURCH, BUT THE POLITICS OF CHURCH, THE ENTITY) is so sad that it's painful. The STAY IN YOUR PLACE tone that some pastors take with gays is SO reminiscent of the SAME TONE that the white church took with black folks when we were perched in the balconies and told to be quiet and never allowed to even read the Bible and it sickens me to see that we are continuing the master's masterful master plan of deceit.

I am glad that, from a space of clarity for those who are indeed on a spiritual path, looking for religious and faith reconciliation, there are people like Archbishop Carl Bean and Bishop Yvette Flunder and Bishop O.C. Allen and Bishop Kwabena Cheeks and Bishop Carlton Pearson and the Pastors Wiley of Covenant Baptist Church in SE, DC and many other great teachers in the Black community who are doing the work to help those who are searching and seeking to WALK IN THE LIGHT!

How can you arm someone with FAITH, which without works is DEAD, and then tell them to BE QUIET in their truth. Wrestle all you want with what you believe or think the Bible says or doesn't say about homosexuality, but be clear that it says DO NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS, which means DO NOT LIE!

"Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you!" That's scripture. That's truth. That's authority to stand!


TheRevKev Thanks for these great and important comments. As gay men we are surrounded by hypocrisy and lies and ignorance and the people who are doing these things are evil and destructive of human life. They need to be punished and I do not mean in their Afterlife or by their God. I have said it many times. Religions are the fundamental sources of homophobia.

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