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06 January 2012



Wow! I remember visiting on a business trip when I was 21. I had to ditch my coworkers to find it. I sat in the lobby of The Hilton trying to find the closest Gay Black Club.

It was pretty gritty, but a reasoneable walking distance. Good times.


new york is a changing and NOT for the better...

i love Esculieta. that club and the limelight (at the very downswing of the Gatien era) informed by early club life in college with frequent trips to NYC from Oberlin in the mid 90s...

I lived for Esculieta and i ALWAYS had a great time...

I hope they can clear this up and remain open.

but something tells me that area of NYC is prime for gentrification and folk will be GUNNING HOARD to get rid of the club to make that happen....


I've never been part of the gay scene while coming up in NY but it has been clear for the last 10 years or so that NYC doesn't want gay blacks in the city and the white gay establishment is part and parcel of this whole prejudiced push to rid the city of black and latino gay clubs. All the "famous" clubs that I've heard friends tell stories about are gone or going. Folk keep saying things are getting better? Yes gays can marry but things are getting worse.

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