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07 February 2012



Very exciting. I can't wait to see his performance. He's an amazing entertainer.


It will be nice to see him on the stage at the Grammy. He's paid his dues.


not interested...


Don't care.


This man is a convicted FELON. He beat his former girlfriend, Rihanna, pretty badly. I saw the pictures. If he had done the exact same thing to a white woman, his career would be over. It's too bad that black women are not an organized force to be reckoned with like white women.

I suppose black women are too beat down due to being called "b's" and "hos" IN PUBLIC for at least 20 years by black male entertainers and others to fight back. In this way, black women are similar to black gay men. We are too beat down by being called "f's" and "punks" from sunup to sundown by black homophobes to do anything about our it.

Chris Brown is human garbage to me.


I guess u can beat up a woman and get invited back to the grammy's but show your titty at the superbowl and your banned for life lol


You all can say what you like. She's not mad at him. She never appeared to be mad at him. You all should move on with your lives and wish them both well.

Black Pegasus


Yes, you can beat up a "Black" Women and get invited to the grammys as well as get your garbage music played on urban radio. If Brown had beaten a Becky like that, he'd be doing porn now just to pay the bills. This is because Black Women are not valued in this society. Black self hate, and indifference by whites is why Chris Brown still has a career.

Phuck Chris Brown's punk ass!


The fact that people keep defending this remorseless punk is truly sad

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