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17 February 2012



He's a bigot. Civil Rights should not be put to a poplar vote. Then again, Federal Government needs to step up.


This cretin, jackass bigot could truly be the reason I leave this state!!!

This is ridiculous!

REFERENDUM? So bigots get to vote for whether others have full rights? And isn't CIVIL UNION a "special right" as opposed to the simple and clear path of marriage, which is two people in a committed relationship with rights and responsibilities? They acted like WE were the ones who wanted something special but before they would get into a real debate about MARRIAGE, they created something SEPARATE BUT NOT EQUAL.

So when do I get to pay the GAY TAX RATE since I am not a FULL CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY OR STATE?!

This is BS to the highest order!


Did anyone really expect a Republican governor who is considered a leading candidate for the 2012 VP nomination and a favorite for 2016 GOP presidential nomination to sign this bill?


Like most politicians this self-serving hypocrite and liar is a moral and ethical coward who cares only about getting elected and who knows that the majority of his voters are straight and to some degree homophobic people who deep down believe they are better than and superior to gay people. For the Bible tells me so.


@ Transgriot: Monica, the post begins with "As expected...." **No one** here at R20 expected Christie to sign the bill. **No one** here said or implied that. Ever. Christie has been quite vocal about vetoing the bill, and everywhere here at this blog knows Christie's anti-gay history.

IIRC, R20 was the only spot not drinking Christie's kol-aid when he nominated that Black gay man to the supreme court.

You might want to take that posturing to the white gay blogs. Don't try to lecture us, hun.



What Rev Kev said. Christie is pompous and a bigot. I'm a New Jersey resident and want to pay the "gay tax rate". We obviously have fewer rights so we should be taxed at a lower rate. Right?

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