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01 February 2012


Chitown Kev


An American lcon

And such a classic Herbie Kent interview.



I loved watching this every Saturday after Saturday morning cartoons and before my Dad watched Kung-Fu.

Good times. RIP Don.


Like many of us, I grew up watching Soul Train and Don Cornelius. I feel bereft

Martin Sheen

I watched Soul Train so much as a kid that my body clock was trained to wake up at 11AM on the dot. And if I missed it, my morning was ruined. There will never be another show like it.

Rest in Peace, Don. You WERE Soul Train.




I remember EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Soul Train! Some of my first crushes were on that show and my cousin Cassandra and I used to TEAR THE SOUL TRAIN LINE up in our house when we were together! Our family used to stage a Soul Train line JUST to get the 2 of us to dance. Don Cornelius felt SO STRONG AND SO BLACK, in all of the best ways and for the most amazing reasons! Each show, from Aretha to Gladys to Whodini to Janet to O'Bryan to Teena Marie to Patti Labelle and Labelle always singing LIVE, remind me of the JOY OF THE JOB that Mr. Cornelius achieved in giving us MUSIC and in giving us CULTURE!

Thank you Don Cornelius!

Derrick from Philly

Yes, RIP, Don Cornelius.

Rod may have already mentioned this but Don Cornelius and "Soul Train" may have a special place in the hearts of LGBT Black folks from the 1970s. Why? Because, we definitely saw "our own kind" dancing on that show every week. And by the late 1970s there were some ugly comments made by some n_ggers about the male Soul Train dancers (I was totally humiliated in a Black barber shop by a nasty-azz piece of trade while they were showing Soul Train reruns on the television set. He called me and the Soul Train dancers "f.ggots").

Whether he realized it or not, Don Cornelius made the nation know what Black folks already knew, "Black Gay Brothas can dance, dance, dance!!!!"

Honut Sinti

Soul Train is part of my life's history.

RIP Don Cornelius.

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