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06 February 2012


Mikey, he likes it

I'm feeling hot, hot, hot!!! I'm not a Giants fan but this man is off the meters. And I just love the Giants uniform and colors. They show off all the goodies so nicely. I'm just a cruzin for a bruisin baby.

Derrick from Philly

Well, I had no choice but to root for the Giants last night. They were representing the much maligned NFC East. But I'll love watching the Eagles beat them atleast twice next year. Mr Cruz can do his little dance for somebody else...the Dallas Cowboys.


Was it just me or did anyone else see he had an erection after the super bowl. I saw him when they brought the trophy out and he was hard. He even adjusted himself afterwards. I can say it was the best part of the super bowl. I am in love with him now. LoL

Honut Sinti

Them there mens gots some nice thighs!




He a handsum dude and yea he definitely had a vince when touching the lombardi. can't blame him tho. But NFL gotta change that classless trophy presentation... by the time it gets to the stage it all grubby.


I'm no Giants fan, but I'm feelin VC and look forward to seeing more of him


Very sexy man, yeah I defintely saw that erection during the trophy presentation. Someone should post that in HD..lol


I am a Patriots fan and turned off the TV after we lost the game, but if I had known that Victor Cruz would be sporting a boner during the trophy presentation I would have kept the TV on...This man is fine and I love to see him dance, except when its after scoring on my beloved Patriots...We will be back next year....


Damn Right the Patriots will be back better and stronger next year.

the video is on youtube; its the one where ray berry brings the trophy thru the crowd up to the stage.

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