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07 February 2012




Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

7 Feb 2007
Nat'l. Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

My Black brothers and sisters, all family, all euqal, all beloved, Peace!

I give a standing ovation with arms and hearts linked in One Love for this media effort and education for the eradication of this man-made terror, not the least of which is past and ongoing treatment or lack thereof, toward persons of color within all our communities. The response rests within each of us and our own community.

On 6 Feb 1988 Harlem born artist and activist/pioneer of HIV/AIDS prevention and education Craig G. Harris and I co-chaired the first HIV/AIDS Conference to African American Catholics in metro DC.

At that time 25% of all cases were Black, 52% of cases of women were Black and yes, 80% of all children werechildren of color.

I began my ministry with persons living with HIV/AIDS after a distraught friend told me of an undertaker refusing to handle the body of a brother and after a call from a Black social worker asking myself and members of St. Teresa of Avila staff to visit persons in group homes, where clergy refused to provide pastoral care.

I agree wholeheartedly with Phil Wilson's affirmation of the power and the potential of each of us in the Black community to respond. Many like my own beloved companion Alvin C. Cameron lived beyond many experts expectations, however, also experienced a 'Tuskeegee II' course of experiments found early in the epidemic toward Blacks.

I am Italian and Irish American, yet, HIV/AIDS does not discriminate only our own prejudices and preconceptions, none immaculate. In Senegal I've seen highway billboards advertise use of condoms. With Rwandans at Christmas 1994I embraced a brother no one wanted to touch.

Only duty: Love God, One Love with your whole Being and love your neighbor as you would like to be loved.

As always, Rod, respect and recogniton for 24/7/366 days reporting on what matters and persons of ourBlack and LGBT folks are forgotten or neglected: Siza qwira giwa: I shall never forget you, as I told our Rwandan brother Samuel before his departure from us.

All I am,
Yours in One Love,
Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems

A. Ronald

What the GayteKeeper said. I like this a lot. Thank you!

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