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09 March 2012



Charles Stephens has written a thoughtful and provocative essay about "narrow notions of masculinity". I don't know what good can come of it, though, because few are going to pay attention to his message except, perhaps: 1) "activists"; 2) feminists and 3) university/intellectual types.

Question: Can an openly gay black man OR "clockable" gay black man thrive and grow as a human being if he is being subjected to a constant barrage of verbal abuse and outright physical intimidation by homophobes?

Answer: No. An openly gay black man or "clockable" gay black man who wants to live his life on his terms with grace and integrity must, I believe, leave black communities behind and leave without any remorse. He will have a better chance of thriving if he pursues his goals/dreams in the "global village".

Stephens has good ideas but the masses of black people are not listening. Nor will they be listening any time soon, if ever.

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