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06 March 2012


Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace to Rod & ALL:

Our most hearfelt admiration and true sorrow in Congressman Donald Payne making his transition.

Since adolescence after visiting my mother's hometown south of Belfast in 1968, I learned of those fighting for and working with the Irish for our freedom, Human rights and all of our 32-county country.

Rep. Payne leaves a legacy of love and struggle for us Irish to reclaim our six British-occupied counties, end the apartheid and halt the horrors of British rule.
He began and drove legislation to ban rubber bullets, investigate the assassinations of our legal advocates, accompanied President Clinton during his visits, has advocated for Irish immigrants here, as well, as boldly standing up for the rights of all of us in the LGBT community.

I met him when he joined with then
Sen. Hillary Clinton, Speaker
Nancy Pelosi and others welcoming Sudanese-Amercican Simon Deng, who
walked from the U.N. to the U.S. Capitol to demand the end of the still ongoing genocide in Darfur, and also, all of us who were part of the Sudan Freedom Walk.

Our deepest condolences to his family, district and congrssional colleagues with whom he served with great distinction. Rest his soul in peace and Eternal Love.

"Tiocfaidh ar la;" [Chacky ar la]
"Our day will come!"

One Love,
Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems

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