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13 March 2012



His suspension did nothing to benefit us as a community. WE should have left him where he was and educated him through living against the comments instead of feeding into them. Getting people fired and suspended accomplish nothing but truth and education have a tendency to stick better. So before we react to all these things we need to strategise more and fuss less


It will be interesting to see if this leopard is gonna change his spots. Also, it's better to get ahead of these things and be pro-active rather than reactive. I think it sends a message to the gay audience that CNN will not tolerate this kind of conduct.

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Roland Martin is a great man.

Donny D.

So he's apologized -- but his apology contained this phrase: "the LGBT agenda".

Now why does that sound like "the gay agenda" to me?

I think Roland Martin will need more educating.

And suspensions and firings of people like Martin DO help our community. Because most of our opponents only understand negative consequences.


Waiting for queen Martins scandal

Honut Sinti

Everyone should be aware by now that such outbursts from Roland, Rush, et al are crafted to test the waters of tolerance. They spew this river of bile, put a toe in, see if same is attached when they pull their foot back.


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