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24 May 2012



It's only lately I've been able to see how much of a musician he really is!!

Internet Majestic

D'Angelo needs to get a grip. His first album is one of the best in history. But, his naked body in the How Does It Feel video made him a star.


WTF !!! He loved us loving and worshipping that video!! To find out that he felt objectified by said video makes me feel nothing but pity. How about he grow a pair"!!! he's weak, how about he give me back the 14.99 for the cd if he feels that bad, I bet he didn't not cash a royalty check from BMI or ASCAP.,


Please. He allowed himself to be featured in a video that objectified him in ways that were uncommon to black men, posed for Paper Magazine in a black lacy bikini, then showed up in leather with a visible penis print in many live concerts. He willingly objectified himself and now is crying about it. I wonder if he feels bad about the women he had sex with because of the self-objectification????

Honut Sinti

Sophia: "Picture it, the year is 2000. Of camera, during music video shoot for "How Does It Feel?", a company executive stands by with various implements and threatens D'Angelo forcing him to stand naked and croon sexual innuendo. Yeah, pure torture then and painful memories now."

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