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08 May 2012


Colin William

I don't care about the back story but you CAN NOT bring a weapon to school...


I would encourage anyone reading Rod's news story to please contact the principal and let him know that his treatment of Darnell Dynasty Young is UNACCEPTABLE:

Larry Yarrell: 317.693.5300, yarrelll@ips.k12.in.us.


Easier said that done: when the administration hasn’t done anything including further demonizing your child for who he is then what are the options? I think the first thing a parent should do once they discover that their child is gay or lesbian and send them through self-defense classes and demand that they teach their children at home until they’re safe. These options weren’t explained nor was she aware of her options.

Former COGIC

A horrible situation. I'm so sorry this young man experienced all that, but thankfully his mother did what she felt she had to do.

Yawn @ Colin

You should "care about the back story" because the majority of gay teens are bullied or harassed. Black LGBT youth even more so. And Black LGBT suffer much more violence.

So you probably were bullied when you were younger and you're likely to be gay bashed as an adult. Don't worry, plenty of folk will say they don't want to hear "the back story


So sad. So very sad.

Kevin Perez

@ Colin William,

This is the first time I ever say something like this but your comment is pathetic and trifling. You, along with this society we live in general and others simply don't give a rat's ass about the plight youth face in this day age, especially those who are LGBT, and especially those who are Black, Latino, and whatever minority group you can think of when it comes to the issue of bullying. You feel entitled to make snarky comment like that without as much as even considering the background of the incident. Lazy, pathetic, and trifling.

Darnell Young brought in a stun gun was his last resort to defend himself for the school's inability to do anything for him and his mother regarding the harassment and bullying he was receiving. I'm not a huge admirer of Malcolm X nor do his philosophies mean much to me since I'm a Puerto Rican (with a "light skin privilege" and lack of stereotypical ethnic features) but nothing rings more true than his reference to defend oneself "whatever means necessary" and Darnell's mother gave him the stun gun to do exactly that.

Folks like yourself don't care about the bigger picture or "back story" but feel the need to give your 2 cents completely dismissing why. You know what's really sad? We get lack of empathy from larger society, we get lack of empathy from pathetic excuse of our "communities" who probably believe we should die or are not fit to walk the Earth, but even more deplorable is the lack of empathy that comes from other LGBTs, some who just don't care and others who are lazy and also who lack any empathy.

It's very sad testament to pathetic state many are in regarding these incidents and that sometimes, you cannot count on anybody but yourself.


Back story, front story, mish mash -the truth is the light the same tax dollar that his parents pay for a solid public education should account for just that and not have to include private kung fu lessons and stun guns. No, you get documented up, a lawyer and bring a lawsuit against the school system, the town, and the non existent law enforcement namely the police department.
No suprise on the crikets no response from the infamous big time gay orgs that are always asking for a donation..Hmm is this 1950 or 2012 WHERE NOTHING HAS OR WILL, CHANGE?!


is it just me but i'm very disappointed with the crickets and lack of comments in this post. as cogic mentioned above, i am sure many black gay men were bullied and our lack of interest and compassion is so very troubling to me.


I feel bad for what happened, and i don't think the kid should have been expelled, but brining a weapon to school is never, under any circumstances, a reasonable solution to bullying.

I agree w/ what Troy said: you go over the school's head You go to the school board, get a lawyer, go on the news. You don't bring a stun gun to school: what happens when the bullies start brining weapons to school too?

Mark Lazzarano

@KC - bullies do bring weapons to school... mouths.

Distant Lover

@ Colin, you'd care about the back story if they were pounding your a$$ into the ground. Cold, clinical analysis is not appropriate here. I hope Dynasty lands on his feet and this negative can be turned into a positive.

Donny D.

A study recently found that gay and lesbian young people are punished by officialdom (including the police and school officials) significantly more harshly than are straight young people of otherwise similar background for the same offenses. This seems to be a case in point.

It also seems to be an example of a people in a neo-redneck state letting straight kids bully a gay kid, but punishing the gay kid when they have an excuse to.

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