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21 June 2012



Thank you for keeping this story AND this information at the forefront of the news day.

The pieces and parts of this mess CONTINUE to show that this story is so much about conspiracy and cover up so that "the system" isn't exposed for being duplicitous! Zimmerman should have BEEN in jail and FROM jail, he's committing MORE CRIME! This is madness!


I co-sign The RevKev comment.Thank you Rod!

Craig Merkey

he's in more trouble 4 the $$ aspect than the murder?? sad yet typical!

Sum One

Unbelievable! The media is STILL portraying OLD pictures of the victim and the accused. That picture of Trayvonne is a decade old, and the picture of Zimmerman is from 3-5 years ago! This is unbelievable! It distracted me from reading the damn article.

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