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15 June 2012



Take a close look at this ladies and gentlemen because it will NEVER happen under a Romney administration

J. Gregory Griffin

I don’t even have a companion, yet this man offers & gives me hope for the making of a better and more civilized world than the Nile is long! To have someone of bona fide substance speak life to you as Barack does is incredible, marvelous and liken to “bright hope for tomorrow”.

When another human being promises to support you: wherever you are, no matter what you look like or where you come from, regardless of who you love; then dare to fuel and enlarge your dream or territory, as openly and non restricted as you can humanely desire, is very much like sanctioned manna from above and immortal as it gets! Who could have ever expected such a loving unabridged affirmation flowing from the corridors of The White House, other than me! Its true prayer changes things; if not, why not.

God bless and protect: President Barack Obama and those near or dear to his ever amazing heart and intellect.


Barack Obama is MY president. The man is all kinds of awesome. And yes, you would NEVER see even a fraction of this under Romney.

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