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23 July 2012



The rates are sad. Glad Ebony is letting you cover this.


Thanks for your great reporting, Rod. Bad news, but good to see you filing for various organizations - and especially Ebony!

Colin William

Colin and HHJ: We don't deny HIV/AIDS statistics or health facts at R20. That's one of the biggest problems w/ the Black community. Are you also going to dispute stats on obesity, high blood pressure, teen pregnancy, crime and education?

Colin: You did NOT read the condom study you cited. This study focused on HETEROSEXUALS. It also found: "Condom use sharply declines in all racial groups AFTER age 18" and "Black men [18-24] report that they use condoms in only 20.5 percent of their sexual encounters."

Among the biggest reasons why HIV/AIDS has ravaged our community is because Black folks have a long history of denial. Back in the 80s, we were told this was only a "white gay man's disease" and our community and churches refused to act. In the 90s we started saying that Magic Johnson was "cured". Now we're saying the Black AIDS Institute--which is run by Black folks--is conspiring to mislead our community. "They" would do this ... because?

Do not dispute any HIV/AIDS or health facts on this blog again. You will be banned. -RM


HIV/AIDS has often been called (wrongly) a "white gay man's disease". That appears to be changing (or perhaps has already changed). Will HIV/AIDS now be called a "black gay man's disease" by some or many? And if so, what does this mean for black gay men?

Is this going to help or hurt black gay men going forward? Is Phill Wilson a kind of "black Larry Kramer"? Will black gay men look back, years from now, and see Mr. Wilson as a heroic figure or as someone who threw black gay men under the bus? These are some of my thoughts as I read the various reports now coming out making black gay men the "face" of HIV/AIDS infection in the United States.

Rod, your reporting is excellent as always.

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