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04 July 2012



OMG!!!!! This letter is so lyrical. This is a song. This is truth. This is love. Be blessed Frank. Know that you are always loved and free.


This is sooooo beautiful. Go on Frank! Yessir!


that's awesome. props to Frank. now i'm even more excited to hear his upcoming album. he'll be getting my full support.

it will be interesting to see how the rest of the R&B/Hip Hop community reacts to this very talented man.


I cried reading the letter. It's so poetic.

Mel Smith

Awesome and God bless him.


Such a brilliant young man. And so honest! His words are haunting ande poetic! This means that I'll have to buy as many of his new CDs as possible!


I love it!


buy this man's album, y'all! buy it when it comes out!

King Drive

Am I the only one tearing up reading this letter? This man is so eloquent, so brave and so honest. I am so overjoyed and so proud of him. Thank you Frank Ocean!


Simply Beautiful. Enough said.



At the lead of his career. By his own words and standards. With his own truth.

I am so proud of Frank Ocean I could cry, simply for the GROWN MAN MOVE OF HANDLING HIS OWN DESTINY!

Now, on with the music! At the end of the day, he's a brilliant musician and someday SOON people will get that when you come out and keep it moving, people keep moving! His emotional love songs and firestarting dance tracks are still BRILLIANT. Period.


The letter is so poetic and real. It's from such a young heart. I will have to check out more of his music.
There are more like him out there. Of course your hardcore rappers and most love song crooners are afraid of losing their image with the ladies and the "dudes."

Great Article as always from this site.

Henry TW

**tearing up reading this letter**


What a present for Independence Day. Thank you Frank Ocean for standing in your truth and thank you for sharing!

Jon R

Rod, I love you and I've been a devoted reader for seven years now, but I have to spar with you on this one. Frank Ocean never "came out" as "bisexual" in this letter. He simply states that he was (perhaps still is) in love with a man. He might be talking about his sexuality, sure, but it is hardly a "coming out" letter.

Having said that, I still think it is a beautiful letter from a talented man and we should support his growth process through what I can imagine are some confusing times. Channel Orange is going to be a great album!

Nick Delmacy

Ummm...Am I the only one that is looking past the pretty words and seeing that he's admitting to dating, falling in love and creeping with a man that was already in a relationship? For three years!

I get called a moral-lacking homewrecker when I do this...Just saying.




@NickDelmacy .. He never said he dated the guy. Please re-read. He said he had feeling for him. Not dates.


@Nick D - He didn't fall in love on purpose, and he didn't do it to hurt anyone. When you are young (and sometimes older) that happens. When I look back at the things I did when I was first coming out, I know for a fact I can't judge anyone else's actions. That first love can make you do things you told your heart, mind, mama, and God, that you would never do.
But now, when we grow up, prayerfully, when we know better, we will do better.


why nit pick... he is amazing


I have waited for this moment in African-American "public masculinity" all my life! This is truly a New Day!


Frank Ocean has revealed his true, powerful nature. He's a gatekeeper. An Ado! Protectors of the tribe. Patron of the arts of a people. His letter reveals so much about him. Welcome home Frank!!

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