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06 August 2012



it is CRAZY to me that our FBI, CIA and policers of the state are in the hood, tracking rappers and finding weed in backyards, but CANNOT FIND these terrorists RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN TOWNS!?

This is a travesty, rooted in evil and ignorance, and I cannot believe how MUCH America seems to be going backwards as the money gets funny.

Black kids getting shot in handcuffs and we're told it's SUICIDE and we aren't rioting in the streets, like did in the 60s?! A boy is killed with nothing but tea and candy on him and we are debating whether someone had the right to stand GROUND THAT WASN'T EVEN THEIRS?! You can't STAND YOUR GROUND if its NOT YOUR GROUND!

Now people are walking into houses of worship AGAIN (REMEMBER THE BLACK CHURCH BOMBINGS!!!!?) and killing people AGAIN!? This is madness!!!

Something's got to be exposed and overturned because clearly BILLIONS INTO MILITARY needs to stop going into ISRAEL AND ARAB NATIONS if we can't stop people from shooting people en masse in public places!!!


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