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03 August 2012



Go Cullen!

Honut Sinti

Well, he's got that swimmer's build for sure. Good for him.


well I guess I'll be the first to say it.. Yummy.

Byron in PGC

so gorgeous and so talented

columbia grad

Congrats Cullen.


that hard work paid off. you could tell he was disappointed he didnt get gold but he still swam his ass off for that silver. congrats to him


I am so happy for him. He indeed swam his butt off. I don't like the fact that the broadcasters overlooked his win. When they were talking about him at the start of the race, they made it sound like he wasn't gonna really medal because of the high level of the field. Then he pulled this off. The frenchman upset the brazilian, since the brazilian was the favorite, but Jones swam right through the door above the brazilian. That is an upset also. I wish he would get the coverage that deserves.


@Diva...I think Cullen doesnt get the recognition because there are so many other fantastic US swimmers that he ends up in their shadow. I do see Cullen in some advertising these days so he is getting noticed by companies which is good for him


He's awesome. And sexy.

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