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05 September 2012



Loved, LOved, LOVED her!! The FLOTUS rocks!! Deconstruct the rupug agenda without ever mentioning them or their nominee. Speak love for your family and your man, and show how to be relatable to the people of the US, without saying a word about lies from the other party. Even the repugs had nothing but positive things to say, because she said nothing about them. Tell everyone how hard work can create success and how you and the president value that because it is the American dream, and that you two are living examples of that. Again, do all this without a word about the other leaving your lips. Build up your man without ever having to tear down the opponent. Let them do that themselves. Yes, First Lady, yes!!!


President Obama gets my vote - if only to see the lovely, intelligent, caring and beautiful human being back in the White House as our First Lady.


Beautiful and classy slap to the face to the GOP with grace...I loved her speech and Love this lady!


She did a phenomenal job. The speech was excellent.

And whoever did her hair, did a fantastic job. Her hair is beautiful.

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