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29 September 2012



I agree with you, Rod. As a Janatic, it would be very low-key. There is no way that she would have an extravagant wedding. When it comes to Janet's personal life, she keeps that just what it should be: personal.

Former COGIC

What Zambos 27 said! A huge "extravagant" wedding with hundreds of guests? Doesn't seem very likely or Janet's style. She keeps her personal life very private, which is her right.


here is one of the most famous women in the history of "celebrity" whose has managed to be married twice without anyone knowing. Not buying this. Who knows they might be married already! You know how Janet does it.


Another Janatic here and I don't believe this either from being a long and loyal fan of hers and seeing how laid back and private Jan is about her personal life. I will be happy for her as long as she is happy.

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