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03 September 2012


Jose Martinez

Very bold and very brave of Anderson Silva to say this. I would imagine most men in his profession would not share such information or be so honest. Thank you.




I admire Mr. Silva for sharing this. But some questions: Did he later regret wearing girls clothes? DOr did he feel embarassed because of his femme voice?

I wonder could that possibly be among the reasons why he chose a career in kickboxing, i.e. to overcompensate for an alleged lack of masculinity.

But once again, I appreciate his honesty.


Whatever made him reveal, I appreciate his honesty.

Black Pegasus

It's no secret that most heterosexual people have a problem with "masculine" gay men. They seem to prefer their gays effeminate, flamboyant, and weak. Being faced with a Gay guy who "fights" or play a professional sport for a living presents a new cognitive dissonance for most homophobes.

I am currently cross training in boxing and mixed martial arts fighting. And you would be surprised at how many fighters whom are "Articulate", "Vain", Educated and yes.....even Gay. So while the stereotypes about Gay men do exist, this same characteristics are displayed by straight men as well. I will tell you that there are plenty of Gay guys out there who will surprise you by their masculinity.

I encourage all Gay men to not only go to the gym, but learn how to defend yourselves in most hostile situations.I look forward to having to beat a homophobic assclown to the ground for disrespecting me or someone in my group.

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