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29 September 2012



Ann Romney is worried about Mitt's mental health if he is elected president? That's reassuring to voters.

Henry TW

She really didn't think that one through, right? Tragic.


""My biggest concern [if Mitt is elected], obviously, would just be for his mental well-being..."

You're telling us, sister!

A. Ronald

Mitt's wife of 40+ years believes that he lacks the emotional and mental stability required of the POTUS? Got it!

J Matt

I can't wait for the 2-disc album, 'Mitt & Ann Romney's Blunders: Greatest Hits', comes out.

Sean O

Whose decision was it to allow Ann Romney this much airtime on the campaign trail? She is not a very good surrogate and not very convincing.

Former COGIC

SMH. Good point, Ann. I agree with you that he is defintiely NOT up for the demands and rigors of the presidency.


If Romney gets elected I'd be more worried about America's mental well-being.

Chitown Kev


ONLY 2 discs?

This is the worst campaign that I have ever seen.

and Miss Marie Ann-toinette Romney here...well, at least I think she's being candid and truthful.


Whose choice was it to allow Ann Mitt romney this much air time on the strategy trail? She is not a very excellent and not very effective.

Honut Sinti

You have been warned.

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