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22 September 2012



He's so real. This makes me like him even more. And I absolutely love his character. I am sad that he and Kal couldn't work it out.




I love this. I, too, suffer from depression. I'm so glad he made this vid.


"But what about the kiss with bland whatshisname? #Yawn"

Why did you say he was "bland"? I thought he was a handsome hipster. Maybe you say this because the character was WHITE?

There are some white men who enjoy the company of black men. We want a Kaldrick or a Tariq, too! Your racism is showing Rod2.0.


Todd: IMO the white boy that Tariq kissed was very meh. He looked average and was a total 180 degree turn from Kaldrick.

I don't have a problem with white boys but please! Gimme some flava! Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, John Cena or something like that.

As far as accusing Rod or R20 of racism, that's your call. But there is nothing wrong with being unapologetically black and gay. It seems too many black gay men who like white men make excuses for themselves or black people, and you must be used to that.


Oh gawd. If it ain't about "them", then "they" get very angry ...

Moving along. I'm very pleased and proud that Ben Watson decided to make this video. He's very humble and very human. I heart him.


A nice video. I'm glad he decided to share. Sometimes that can be very therapeutic.

@Rod and @Todd...if Tariq's character was coming back for season 3, then I think the point was for Tariq to have a boring, bland, in-the-background boyfriend so that the viewers wouldnt get attached to him. Race really shouldnt be a factor here, as in real life.

Black Pegasus

I just watched the last episode of season 2 tonight, and aside from the other boring storylines of those "other people", I thought Kaldrick and Chris worked well together. Seeing Chris (the lawyer) at the hospital with Kal was very moving to watch. Tariq is a wimp and I'm glad he is no longer with Kal. Kaldrick needs a strong type like Chris in his life. I loved how Kal embraced Chris after his father died. Chris wasn't overbearing nor pushy. He gave Kaldrick just the right space to deal with his pain.

With the exception of Tariq's character, I think this show has some of the best writing I've ever seen. Finally a group of characters who acts like MEN and not the queeny stereotypical crap on Noahs Ark.


@Black Pegasus Have a seat! Tariq is more of a man that Kaldrick ever was, and I'm not even about to waste my time on your Noah's Arc comment.

Furthermore as much as I like the Kaldrick character I don't know why gay men are so desperate to defend him. He beat the crap out of Tariq and as of tonight's episode STILL has anger management issues. At this point he's a ticking time bomb. The irony with comments like Black Pegasus' is that Chris is in no more in control of Kaldrick than Tariq was. Kaldrrick is only one argument away from beating Chris' ass as well. Their whole story line reminds me of Rihanna and Chris Brown's ongoing situation, and the gay men who defend Kaldrick's actions are no better than the female fans who defend Chris or Rihanna for standing by him.


Depression is very real and it's something I continue to deal with on a daily basis. Diagnosed with Clinical Depression back in 2008, I've taken strides to control my emotions. If you're feeling down for more than two weeks, you have to seek the proper help.

You have your days where you do feel helpless and worthless, especially for those who are still coping with their sexuality, but it does get better. Always surround yourself with people who love you no matter what.


IN REGARDS TO RACE - This is a show out of Canada.

Outside of the USA, Black and White relationships have big percentages, in England for instance, at least 50% of Black Africans & Caribbeans living in the UK already have or will marry/have children with a "white" person. This is probably true for Canadians as well.

NOTE when Kal goes to see Tariq with his new Canadian boyfriend they are in Canada NOT the USA. "White" really is an American thing. French, German, British people do not refer to themselves as "white." White is a color NOT an ethnicity nor race.


@ Fred- lawl, if that ain't the truth.
@kirk- Well SOME Black Africans and Caribeans are raised with the "if it ain't white then it ain't right" mentality.. So I am not at all surpised by the high percentages.

I lost all respect( which wasn't much) for Kaldrick the moment he put his hands on Tariq


I thought this was supposed to be about Ben Watson and his amazing video about his living with depression. I dont think any man or character who beats up another man that he loves is worthy of discussion. There are shows that are mentioned on other prominent gay black blogs that feature strong loving h relationships between white gay and black gay men that are looking for funding ...what will be interesting is whether they are mentioned here or not.

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