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01 October 2012


Derrick from Philly

Thank you, Rod, for featuring the DeSean and Mike. And thank you for your encouraging comment about thE Eagles win against the Giants. Well, I wish I could feel the same way. I have never seen a team with a 3 and 1 start to the season who looked so tired. Everybody says it's the coaching (Andy Reid). I don't know.

Of course, I prefer Michael Vick for my bedroom fantasies more so than DeSean. DeSean comes across like a young jitterbug to me (aint heard that word in 30 years, have ya'?). Vick is more mature with more beef on him. I like beef.

Anyway, they'll get a real test next week in Pittsburg.

I hope your Bears whup the Cowboys tonight. I don't like Cowboys.

Face and Waist

Michael Vick: Yassssss!

Black Pegasus


Well you may have Vick! Give me that lil sexy DeSean all day..He can sit on my face while he plays xbox! (oops, there I go thinking out loud again lol).

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