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20 November 2012


Derrick from Philly

Transgender people are incredibly brave. You have to be brave when you risk your life everyday of your life...for just coming out the front door.

And it's not just those Transgender folk who've made the full transition (whether by surgery or just appearance). It is those of us who are simply gender role non-conforming who are also targets.

It seems it was easier to be "different" in the 70s than it's been the last 20 years. I've argued with people about that before on this blog, but I believe it. The hatred seemed to get worse during the late 1980s into the 90s.

Yes, it's rough, but slowly--ever so slowly attitudes will improve...they will.


I live on the San Francisco side of the Bay, across from Oakland, where this horrendous---and yet-to-be-solved---murder took place. It pained me then and the pain still has not subsided, several months later.

As a same gender-loving African-American male I see myself in my trans sisters---especially those who share my racial/ethnic background---and often wonder out loud: When, oh, WHEN, will this hatred against OUR people end? I say "our" people because, I once defined myself as trans, although not openly, but decided not to do anything "physical" to support any type of body change. But my heart feelings remain the same...

Anyway, thanks for posting this, Rod. As I always say you're the best thing we same gender-loving African-descended males have got going for us on the entire Internet!

(I'll be holding a candle tonight for Brandy @ the San Francisco TDOR Service as I DEEPLY pray for her soul and so many other trans sisters who have been exterminated solely for-----breathing).

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