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05 November 2012


Barry T

I love Ken's videos. He's so talented and so sexy.



Black Pegasus

Sorry, I couldn't even get through all of this video. This guy (like so many guys on youtube) gives nothing but shameless promotion with a soft minty coating of narcissism. He could've easily did a "voice over" of this video while showing more images of the President... but NOoooo, that would've been too easy, and even selfless for goodness sake. I guess he figured "his face" is what people wanted to look at while being inspired to VOTE..

**rolls eyes**

West Side

Black Pegasus: I disagree. It's not supposed to be a news report and post video of the president. You see that on tv every night and everywhere on the net. It's a personal vlog.

I enjoy Ken's work and think he is very inspiring. He is very honest, he talks about his diagnosis, he talks about life and talks about his journey. I don't think the purpose of the video is to inspire people to vote. You should be voting because it's your civic duty or because you believe in a candidate.Or are you saying that Obama isn't enough inspiration you need some stranger on Youtube to inspire you?

Keep up the good work, Ken!


I like it.


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Pegasus you couldn't get through a 3 minute video that you've decided to trash? That speaks more about you than KLB.

Him speaking into the camera is the format of most of his videos, why should he change it now? The topic was the election, some days, its other things, like West Side said, his life, diagnosis, media, community, all with him speaking into the camera. Why should he change it for you? Maybe you have issues with showing your face, but clearly he doesn't, and I'm glad to look at him and his beautiful face and teeth as he shares his personal reasons for going out to vote.


I think you guys missed what "Black Pegasus" was saying..... youtube has become a vehicle for self-promotion and that self-promotion is usually at the expense of someone else. His assessment was that he used the President and the election for self-promotion which is fine, but the article was labeled a "tribute" piece that was more about Ken than the President. I actually love the video and watched it all the way through but I do get the point of the comment and how one could view the piece as more of the same forom youtubers.......

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