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25 January 2013



Something not right here...


Chile please. This story is a crazy hot mess.

West Side

"Does anyone believe any of this? Anyone?"

No, not at all. It's the biggest bowl of "MARY!" and CRAZY that I've heard in years. I don't even know where to start lolz.


Another Mormon exposed as a fraud. Color me surprised. Not.


What the hell kind of famous football player has an "online girlfriend"? Please, most players are gettin' as much as they can.

And if he wanted to say the whole "I'mMormon, saving himself for marriage" thing, he could have just said that.


I don't believe it for a minute. Got to say though, too bad Ronaiah is a nut case. He's cute as hell!


Sorry, but there is no way he was not complicit in some way when he VOLUNTEERED details about having met this girl in the past.


Although this story is fishy as hell (and I hope no one ends up taking their life bhind this insanity), I know that there are many people that get caught up in online infatuations. I had a classmate in my Social Deviance class who pulled a stunt like this, where he created a page on Migente and MySpace. It was astonishing the number of guys that fell for a pretty face and half naked pics. The IM's and messages were off the chain.

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