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03 January 2013


Derrick from Philly

I guess his mama is still waiting for him to marry.

He is gorgeous though.


The "daddy" stage looks great on him..lol


Oooh yeessss. Light skin daddy trade!!

Black Pegasus

He's gonna need to increase his dosage of anti-depressants as he continues to age. Like most gay narcissistic men, losing your looks will be like hell on earth for him. Especially when you've been told how beautiful you are from puberty through present.

I'd still hit it tho..


He really is losing his looks....The body is just ok...next...

Vince G

Shemar may not be as pretty as he once was, but many would say that's a good thing. I personally think he's matured quite nicely into a 40-something man. And with a steady gig on that weekly crime series, I ain't mad at him at all. Kudos for longevity.


Still sexy, but best ays are behind him. Time to keep the shirts on when out in public.
I'm one to talk at 52. lol


Uh, how many more tattoos does he need? Also he is now 40+, not in his 20s anymore. Gravity is bound to take its effect sooner than later, so another tattoo might look "alright today" but in a few years...

Also I don't know what it is about lighter complexed black males and tattoos, but becoming a walking graffiti wall isn't sexy. Also it is more a dead giveaway of you trying prove something more than anything else.


Are you people insane? He's still just as gorgeous as ever! STFU really hard with that mess! I love me some Shemar, and he is aging wonderfully.


I'm lost as to why some of you are attacking him on a factor that all of us will encounter...age. That's not something we can control, regardless he is a beautiful man and there is no telling what some of you judgemental simians look like. You should only hope to look as good as him or age as graciously.


Shamar was my inspiration when i stated working out at 25, he was 24, and now im 45 and he is about 44, and he is still my inspiration, he looks great at 44, and so do i lol,


I'm with you tdubbs. He looks really good for a man in his 40's who is just kicking it while his tv show is on hiatus. I'm not sure if what I'm reading is pretty hate or light skin hate or what. I do know that it is hateful nonetheless. I can also tell that some of you have never even been in that type of shape or had people call you handsome. What a pity.

Rick B B

He's still really cool and beautiful, though almost too muscular now.

Honut Sinti

Can't let the temple get run down you know.

Shep Hyken

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