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22 April 2013



As time will soon reveal, Frank Ocean is going to dance to the tune of his own drummer and as such doesn’t have to be the poster child to any causes including the cause of being a same-gender loving poster boy. In fact, he has done something far courageous and dynamic than even Elton John and Ricky Martin didn’t have the courage to do in their initial careers that didn’t come out until much later. As a publicist and looking at his career from longitudinal standpoint is probably prudent that he allows his orientation to be a backdrop to his talent; as well it should be.

John from London

There's only 10 Black people on the list, out of 100? I find that quite shocking.

Chitown Kev

@John From London


remember that one person in 6 (or 7) in the entire world is actually Chinese and one person in 8 (or 9) is Indian.

and it is a list of the "most influential"

seen in that light, 10 seems about right...maybe a little too high, actually. In fact 10 "African Americans" seems a bit high, what of other people of African descent?

Black Pegasus

Nick at DiscreetCity.com has a very interesting point of view about Frank Ocean and the fans who believes he is now the spokeperson for Black Gay Men in music. It's all very interesting to me lol


I appreciate that he hasn't put a label on himself. Sexuality is fluid and no one has a right to require someone else to do anything to make themselves feel better. t'ain't nobody's business what Mr. Ocean or any of us do.


This has almost become a non-issue because Frank Ocean isn't nearly as talented as people persist, but since he has become the posterboy for gay black male musicians (it hurts to type that), I commend him on keeping his brand going by not saying anything more than the most vague verbiage to stay relevant. His game is strong, only wish his musicianship was.


I never got the whole gay thing anyway. He never "came out" and said he was gay. He said basically that he had a relationship with another man. I've been a same-gender loving person all my life, but not even I would consider his revelation an admission of 'being gay'. Enough with all the labels already. That's one of the reasons why it's so hard for people to "come out" in the first place; everybody wants to box you in with a label. Just live YOUR life, and leave everybody else alone.

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