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25 April 2013



Black gay men and Beyonce...sigh..sigh...sigh. At least after 15 years in the biz she is finally acknowledging her gay fans and not because 'cough' Barack Obama spoke about it, with therefore her master Jay Z ok-ing.....no...it was completely altruistic.

Greg G

>>> "Black gay men and Beyonce."

Then what are you doing here?

Rowan, I have yet to figure you out. Are you a self-hating "black gay man" who prefers to beg for inclusion at Towleroad? Or are you are you a white gay men who trolls? I think you mentioned once you from the UK, maybe that explains why you feel the need to criticize black gay American men so often.

Take a seat, hunty. A stadium of seats.


Can a person not think Beyonce is the greatest thing without being attacked by her crazy voodoo controlled fans.

Dallas Cowboy

Cajiva, I'm not even a Beyonce fan. Ella, Billie, Patti and Aretha are much more type. But Greg was spot with his comment.

Rowan has a history of criticizing "black gay men" on this blog, Towleroad, JMG and elsewhere. I also do not know is he white or black. Not many black gay men would describe Jay-Z (which he spelled wrong) as "her master.

And using public support for gay marriage as a litmus test is a white gay frame. Bey has "acknowledged her gay fans" in many interviews, but many black gay men are more upset that she has stolen her dance routines from "the children" than any letter of public support for marriage. I'm going to assume he is white or a snow queen.

Black Pegasus

Greg G. you betta speak on it!!


image host


Greg G aint never lived. Miss Rowan has pulled the "black gay men"stunt far too many times at R20 at Towleroad. I am not sure is he a snow queen, a chocolate chaser or a frustrated gay white man. But get your life, girlfriend! Get. Your. Life!

Ohhh and Black Pegasus is carrying on for that gif. Werrrkkk!




Rowan, what in the happy hell are you talking about? If you don't like Beyonce, why are you trolling on pages making comments. And 15 years and she's just acknowledging her gay fans? CHILD SHE HAS HIRED MANY, which is a lot more than other divas can be credited for. Stop making these kind of inane stops on your journey of justification. If you don't like something, keep it out of your mouth and off your fingertips.


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