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18 May 2013



I remember the character and actor from the movie and television show and he was written as straight. In fact if memory serves me he screwed a Caucasian chicken in the movie and may have had some kind of flirting relationship with Janet character the year she was on the show. It does remind me of several fellows into the arts who act in a similar fashion but are straight with wives and kids but get misunderstood by the general public. Sadly too many people live by these outdated stereotypes.


Very interesting post. I always read the Leroy character as straight. Never thought twice about it. I thought he was beautiful, but never thought he was gay. I don't even think that it was who he dated on the show;it was more about his attitude. When he wasn't dancing, he was Leroy from the hood. My thinking at the time was someone who was so hood couldn't be gay...

John G

There was actually an episode in the TV series where Leroy tracked down a white girl's stolen viola & was stopped & interrogated by police on the grounds that a young black man couldn't possibly own & be playing such an instrument.


Interestingly, I think many of the observations on this posting are on point because his character was written at straight and would America or this show had gotten its rating had there been an openly gay character. But why I’m interested in the book because there has been a hypermusculinization of the black male across the board both as straight and gay.

In fact, I’m challenged by the fact that from white people it’s more challenging for them to accept or acknowledge that a masculine looking black man could be gay. Perhaps, that’s the real dichotomy of this book.

Rick B B

Well, I thought Leroy was gay and I still do. I have a lot of experience with dancing men.


he was gay in real life, maybe not on the show but in real life he was gay


This book seems to be very interesting and I hope it gets a lot of traction. We need to have these discussions. I think it's brilliant how he mentions legibility vs illegibility in processing our images.

As a kid watching Fame, I wasn't sure that Leroy was gay because even though kids at school said that to me, I wasn't sure 1) what it really meant and 2) what it looked like in others. Looking back, I feel like Leroy was gay on the show. What the writers did exceptionally well for that time period is they left it up to the viewers to determine if that was actually so. We can only wonder how we would've evolved if there were more seasons.

Great post Rod!

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