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07 June 2013



It's disheartening that, so far, no one has been sentenced to PRISON for this vicious hate crime.


While, Mr. Champion's death is certainly tragic.

Mr. Champion himself, conspired for a whole year, to break the law and participate in the very illegal hazing event that led to his death.


You are victim blaming.

You are doing to Mr. Champion what many people do to RAPE VICTIMS: they say she should not have been drinking or using drugs, they ask why was she dressed (or undressed) the way she was, they ask why did she go to his room at 1:00 in the morning if she didn't want to have sex and the list goes on and on.

NOTHING that Mr. Champion did or didn't do can be blamed for what his killers did to him that day. Mr. Champion is the VICTIM. He is DEAD. He was MURDERED. How could he be guilty of ANYTHING in this situation?


@elg except in this case its well documented!


we must stop beating up on one another. can we please have a little empathy for each other? yes, we are responsible for our actions. but, wrong is wrong. hazing will not stop until we hold perpetrators, not victims responsible.


can his family sue these men or the university?

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