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01 July 2013



Interesting how there have been absolutely zero comments on this thread. I'm not sure why so many black gay men defended Clash on this blog and on Facebook. Because they have been guilty of hitting on underage men? Or because we all know how the "game" works? Or because we really didn't want to admit that a very successful black gay man was likely a predator? Perhaps all three.


there was a report saying that clash was gonna fight the lawsuits using the statue of limitation. its messed up actually. All in all, i see it three underage guys who knew what they were doing when they met Clash. (They probably lied about their ages) He wined and dined them and they fucked. Year later, they have money problems and try to get some cash out this dude. There's no way a person can mess with an older man when they're still a minor, Wait ten years then start to suffer "emotional and mental trauma" just last year

Prodigal Blackman

Thank you, Mike for articulating what I've been feeling about this case from the get go! I would be the first to sympathize with victimized people. But those dudes, were shakedowners. Pure and simple. 4 down, 1 to go.

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