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09 July 2013


Former COGIC

Germany, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Barcelona, Lisbon, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Dominican Republic, Key West, San Francisco ... TAKE ME DAMMIT!!!!

Congratulations! Take your time and pack wisely for you trip to Zambia. So happy for you! Much love to you Rod!

Chris  Cruz

I'm looking at Zambia on the map --- good lawd that is a looooong way from the USA. When do you leave? How long does the trip take?

james saunders

Congrats to you Rod.... it will be a great experience and can not wait to hear all about it... Much success...


You better get it Rod! GET! IT!


Bravo Rod! You are everywhere! Represent for the brothas!

Henry TW


I ain't mad. I ain't mad at all. Congrats on this latest fellowship. Clearly the international news media is your niche. I never knew there were black gay men writing for tv news and big magazines until I started reading R20.

Looking forward to your pics and posts from Zambia.


Barcelona is fabulous. Werk it Rod! So proud of you!



rob in miami

rod, best of luck and safe travels be sure to post great airplane pics along the way.....:)
Barcelona and Lisbon are both fantastic cities....enjoy...


Bravo, Rod!!!

A. Ronald

Bravo Rod! Way to go!
Looking forward to your photos, reports and tweets from Germany, Ethiopia, Zambia and Barcelona! Yessss! Werk boy, werk!


This is beautiful. So proud of you.


Very impressive. Congrats on the new fellowship in Barcelona. How do you always get these overseas gigs? Would love to be able to get one myself one day...




Damn, save some spots for the rest of us Rod! Haha seriously this is fantastic. I love how you are always on your hustle.


Luv it! Keep doing you, baby!

Baltimore Femme

A couples of weeks in Barcelona and Lisbon sounds gorgeous.


I just got back last week from my first trip to Barcelona. It was fantastic in every way. I was surprised to see so many African and African American brothas there, too! Congratulations and safe travels!


Way to go Rod, you jetsetter!!!

Have fun in Barcelona, Lisbon (rub some oil on Cristiano Ronaldo's legs for me while you are there), and Zambia. I look forward to seeing the pictures of Zambia.


Yessss. You'd better travel the damn world, Rod. Bacelona is amazing and there are many brothas and sistas there. I love the fact that you always get high profile gigs. You'd better show up for Becky and Brad!


Rod, I'm so proud of you,
you keep growing and learning all that you can,


So proud of you, Mr Jet Setter and Mr. International Media. Have a safe trip this week to Zambia. Can't wait for the pics and reports. And very envious that you are headed to Barcelona!


Rod I am so proud of you and congrats on the fellowship! Have safe trip and thanks for keeping us informed.


Congrats Rod! So proud of you!


If you're passing through london........

Representing us like no one else. Why haven't you been on Oprah or Ellen?

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