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01 October 2013



Could someone please explain to me why is it that some faculty must re-apply for their positions? For re-structuring? I really don't get it. I work for an institution that was re-structured and I didn't have to re-apply for my position. We were just grandfathered into the new entity. Paperwork transferred to the new agency. No one was laid off, etc. Those who chose not to go to the new agency were offered other positions but then there was the issue of seniority, tenure, etc.

This is a sad state of affairs but I don't see any hard line action by the Teacher's Union on behalf of these teachers. This is awful and I say we need a revolution in this country in a bad way.


"... I work for an institution that was re-structured and I didn't have to re-apply for my position. ..."

Ilung: That is good news for you but unfortunately everyone's situation is not the same. One of the unfortunate by-prodcuts of the Noc Child Left Behind Law is that some urban school districts now have the "school turnaround" option for "failing" schools. Unfortunately many of these schools are in poorer communities i.e. black or latino. My aunt is a teacher in Chicago and lost her job this way.

Kudos to Rod for reporting on schools, urban violence and youth. I'm always happy to see your reporting.


What Templeton said. I like the series on black youth. It's ridiculous what they are doing to these teachers. If anything they deserve a raise.

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