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24 October 2013


DW Jazzlover

Wow!g How Touching! I dough out my letter to my father written in 1985 and I realize the emotions are still raw. I have no regrets but I realize there is residual pain left when it comes to my father.
I do understand him a lot better now though, I dove into his life after he died and have learned a new respect for him in many ways,disdain in others.
He was just a man of his time.


Family exceptionalism?

I will never understand peoples ability to take unwarranted abuse from family that they would not take from others. If your family will not accept you leave them behind. Move on. They are not worth it. Move on! Get on with your life. To state the obvious it is YOUR life. They are not the be all and end all.

Nothing in life is easy. Staying and taking the abuse is not easy. So why not take the other course that will also be not easy and leave and get on with your own life. You CAN do it! I did and trust me I'm not the strongest person in the world. Amazing friends will surface and phenomenal experiences along the way will pull you through.

Be strong. Be brave. You have it within you more than you realize especially if means your sanity and survival.

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