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11 December 2013


Former COGIC

"Taylor said the teen — who had slept over at Taylor's house the night before ..."

This man is a predator. So much for the bs theories that the football playing shawty seduced the grown man. Oh and if the first boy was processed through juvie it stands to reason that he was 16yo or younger.

Former COGIC

Thanks for staying on this case btw and not treating the story like its tabloid TMZ.


God, whether he goes to jail or not, what is the rest of this young man's life going to be like?


The cheese stands alone!


One wonders why we haven't seen photos of the victim.

Derrick from Philly

I know that Taylor is not alive to defend himself, but he did try to manipulate this teenager, and in the end it was appalling. You cannot make someone want you --especially if THEY'RE NOT GAY! Even a foolish queen like me knows that. The b.tch seemed to like them too young.

Yes, Mitchell committed a premediated killing (I won't say murder). He should punished, but not with a long prison sentence.

It appears Mitchell was as much a victim as was his victim.

Lord, I hate this incident.

I din't have much sympathy for the young men in the Bitchup Eddie Long case (and don't get me wrong, I hated Eddie Long--still do). But in this case...I feel for young Mr Mitchell. I hope he has a life after this.

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