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02 May 2014


Thomas R

I love me some James Baldwin. Such a shame that he isn't given the proper recognition that he deserves. Great talent and great intellect.

Chitown Kev

Baldwin tells like it (still) is and so eloquently.

To some extent, I "get it"...I mean, for years, if you wanted to read an African American author it was Wright, Baldwin, or Ellison and Langston Hughes or Sterling Brown for poetry).

There is now so much to choose from.

On the other hand, Baldwin simply writes so well that the students use of language is impoverished by the increasing absence of Baldwin from the classroom.


I loved Baldwin as a writer and as a man. There are not many people I wish I could have met, but Baldwin is one of them. He is one of my heroes.



I graduated from high school in the 90s, and went to magnet schools after 4th grade. We NEVER read his works. If I wasn't gay, I never would've heard of him. Sad.

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